Welcome to The Big Bake Theory, the aftermath of many kitchen experiments (and disasters.)

Ashleen My name is Ashleen and I want to share my recipes that I’ve created using a scientific approach. With a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, a love of food, and a two-year stint in Europe experiencing new and delicious treats, I’ve got loads of tidbits to share with you!

My goal is to share recipes + some of the science behind them.  Understanding the science part can really improve the whole baking experience. But if you are already a mad scientist in the kitchen, hopefully you can still enjoy some recipe ideas!


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-I am currently based in Vancouver, BC but I was born and raised in Northern-ish Canada. It gets cold up there.

-After university I spent one year living in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is my favourite city in the whole world.

-I then spent one year living in a small village just outside of Paris. This is where my love of food, turned into an obsession with baking. My interest in food science really grew after taking a pastry class in Paris.

-I’m happy to be back in Canada now, but miss Europe every day. I need to be rich and have homes on both continents.

-I am not a trained baker or chef. I simply enjoy being in the kitchen, applying my scientific knowledge to food, and learning from my mistakes.

-I prefer baking over cooking because it is very scientific. A recipe is like a protocol for a science experiment. Follow the instructions and it will work. Cooking, on the other hand, is more of an art. I enjoy cooking and can make some nice meals, but if it is missing something, I never know what that something is.

-I LOVE chocolate. If there is one thing I can’t live without that has to be it.

-My friends will tell you that I am a geek. But I’m not one of those unfortunate geeks who isn’t aware of their geekiness so that’s ok right? Right?

-I’m a firm believer that moderation is key. I think it is ok to indulge in treats if you are eating a balanced diet.

-I love making things from scratch. I prefer my own cake recipes over boxed cake mixes any day.

-When I travel, I always try to learn how to make every new food I try.

-In my free time, when I’m not baking, I love reading (fiction, science, food blogs.) I also love being active (yoga, running, hiking, and I try to walk as much as possible.)

-I’m talking a lot about me right now. I want to hear about you too! Send me an email and I will get back to you :)

I look forward to hearing from you! Please contact me with any questions, comments, or recipe requests.

(And no, I did not name my blog after the TV show. )

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