Cinnamon Banana Carrot Poppyseed Muffins

These bad boys are so versatile that they can suit everyone’s tastes. You can make them more healthy by replacing the oil and using whole grain flour, or you can even veganize them, which I did this time around. I’ve also made them gluten-free and they were a huge hit with my gluten-free friends.

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Homemade Nut Butter

I love my food processor. It was given to me for my birthday this year (thanks Dad!) and I have used it almost every day since – that is, unless you count the few weeks that I was separated from it when I recently moved. I had food-processing withdrawals. Luckily some awesome people brought my processor down to Vancouver for me and I was back to blending, slicing, and grating in no time.

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Why is it that I have such a weakness for desserts that contain lots of butter?

You may remember from my Croissants post, that 1) Croissants have an insane amount of butter and 2) This is why they taste so good. Just as croissants were my downfall when I moved to France, shortbread was my buttery weakness when I lived in Scotland. My shortbread addiction was not helped by the fact that I was constantly surrounded by little packets of Walkers shortbread during my first few months in Scotland. I worked for a short time at a hotel in Edinburgh and we used to give guests complimentary shortbread. Although, when I say I gave the guests shortbread, it was more  like I shared it. Yes, it was really one of those “one for you, one for me” situations.

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I did it. I successfully completed my 21-day vegan challenge. Go me! And once it was over I didn’t go on a meat-eating rampage either. Since my last day of the challenge (Monday) I’ve still been eating vegan except for some shortbread I had purchased prior to the challenge and managed to hold off eating. I’m actually a shortbread addict so just staying away from shortbread alone was a challenge in itself.

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Breads – Yeast ·

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