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It all started with a croissant. A real French croissant from a pâtisserie in Paris that started this obsession I have with baking. Whatever “croissants” I’d had in Canada never had the same effect. I’ve always enjoyed baking, but it wasn’t until I moved to France that it turned into something a little more than just an occasional pastime. Naturally, with my growing  interest in baking, I wanted to know how I could make croissants myself. This would be absolutely necessary for my eventual return to Canada, where I would no longer have a zillion French pâtisseries in close proximity, with croissants just waiting to be eaten (by me.) Croisssants were my downfall in France. Many go for the wine, cheese, and bread, but not me. Croissants all the way. Don’t even think about offering me a pain au chocolat instead.

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Pita Bread

The great thing about pita bread, besides its deliciousness, is that lovely pocket you can stuff with all sorts of things (mmm… falafel, souvlaki, gyros… I could go on and on.)

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All About Leavening

Leavening agents play a huge role in baking. Without them, we would be left with dense, flat, and low-volume baked goods. When I first learned about the importance of leaveners I had such an aha moment. Be sure to read this if you don’t know the difference between baking powder and baking soda…

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